Features and more

Check some of features of SiMS.


    Attendance Registry
    Attendance register
    Tests & Exams
    Message Box (Emails & SMSs)

  • Student Records

    Enrolments details
    Parents and Guadians
    Special Needs & Disability
    Disciplinary Records
    Socio-economic assessment
    Extra-curricular participation

  • Extra-Curricular

    Sport Codes
    Clubs & Houses
    Recreational Activities
    Arts and Creativity groups
    Field-Trips and excursions
    Awarding & competitions

  • Administration

    Student Enrolment
    Billing and Vouchers
    Inventory and Asset Control
    Facilities & buildings
    School Calendar and events

  • Communication

    SMS Messaging (2 way)
    Bulk Messaging
    Automatic Enquiries
    Email notifications
    Parents panel

  • Management

    Staff Management
    Controls and Approvals
    Courses and class management
    Access control & user roles
    Management Reports

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